In preparation for Christmas, the occupational therapists and residents at Life Care Center of Medina, Ohio, decided to take on a holiday-themed craft.


The occupational therapists assisted the residents throughout the creation of a snowman, engaging their motor skills through grip strength and following directions.


Assembling the snowman took residents five days to complete. The craft was made up of 427 cups.


After the snowman was completed, associates decided to continue the fun. Associates were able to guess how many cups were used to create the snowman. The winner was Dickie Sleva, guessing 425 cups, only two off from the correct number! Continuing to spread the Christmas spirit, Sleva donated the prize snowman to a family who loved it.


Melanie Mitchell, director of rehab, said, “The residents had a good time getting together to help assemble the snowman and were so pleased with the final product!”