Resident Tanya Scarbro with the dress and Dezi Darby, activity assistant

In February 2018, Dezi Darby, activity assistant at Life Care Center of Medina, Ohio, received a wonderful and personal gift for her baby girl who is due in June.


Tanya Scarbro, a 31-year-old resident at the facility, knitted Darby a pink dress and matching booties for her baby, Paizlee. It took her about two and a half days to knit the dress and 20 minutes to make the booties.


“I like doing things for others,” said Scarbro. “My dad raised me to be this way.”


Scarbro has been knitting for four years.


“Tanya making the outfit for my baby meant so much to me,” said Darby. “My personal relationships with my residents mean a lot.”