Cheryl Mosher, assistant director of nursing and memory care coordinator

The Medina Recreation Center was full on April 1, 2016, as Life Care Center of Medina, Ohio, held its quarterly luncheon.


More than 100 seniors filed through the rec center’s doors to attend a presentation on Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Life Care Center of Medina provided and served lunch for all those in attendance. Cheryl Mosher, Life Care Center of Medina’s assistant director of nursing and memory care coordinator, as well as Kali Greathouse, a certified nursing assistant, spoke to the group. Mosher informed the group about different facts and statistics on Alzheimer’s and dementia, and at the end of the presentation she handed out business cards and offered free memory screenings.


Greathouse spoke on how much she loves working with the residents.


“Our residents do not live in our workplace; we work in their home,” she said.


The presentation helped answer a lot of questions, too.


“We received questions on what a memory screen is, who is appropriate for it and how one can be obtained,” said Samantha Kern, admissions coordinator. “Many people were not aware that a memory screening was even available.”


At the end of the luncheon, many seniors returned home well-fed and better-informed.

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