Evelyn Stang with Tom Hamilton, Indians broadcaster

Ever since Evelyn Stang attended her first Cleveland Indians baseball game as a young woman, she has been an ardent fan.


So it was only fitting for Stang to celebrate her 102nd birthday with an Indians theme.


Stang is a resident at Life Care Center of Medina, Ohio. On her birthday morning of Jan. 12, 2018, while she was in a rehabilitation session, associates gathered to decorate her room. They filled it with balloons and flowers, and when she returned, she was so surprised that the kind act brought her to tears.


The birthday fun was only beginning, however. The facility hosted a party in the dining room with a Cleveland Indians-themed cake, Indians-themed gifts and entertainer Miles Boozer, who sang songs such as “Happy Birthday,” “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” and “Proud to Be an American” for Stang and her party guests.


A local reporter also showed up and talked to Stang about her life and her love of the Indians. Stang shared about how she only missed the 1948 World Series (which the Indians won) because she was eight months pregnant.


Perhaps the most exciting gift Stang received that day was a birthday card from the Cleveland Indians team members and a magnet they sent her of her favorite player, outfielder Michael Brantley.


After the story appeared in the local news, the Indians’ radio broadcaster, Tom Hamilton, reached out to the facility to see if he could surprise Stang as well. On Jan. 16, Hamilton stopped by and brought her an Indians hat, blanket, scarf and even a baseball signed by the team’s manager, Terry Francona!


“It was so wonderful and a dream come true,” Stang said about the visit.

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